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Edoceo - A-Detect™
The Rapid, Simple Saliva Antigen Test 

To respond to an immediate market need, and to leverage a potential additional revenue source that can also help speed development of the ground-breaking V-Detect and B-Detect devices, the Team at Edoceo has recently secured a worldwide strategic and preferred distribution agreement for a simple, rapid, and affordable antigen test that provides results in 17 minutes or less by testing saliva for viral antigens.  

Already approved for the European market, where over 213 million tests have been carried out so far in 2020[29], we will shortly begin sales through multiple agents located in the 33 countries that require CE marking. We are also planning a US FDA approval for distribution and sales in the United States. Our current supply capacity is up to 200,000 units per day, 73 million per year – with the advantage of commercially positioning Edoceo Devices in the rapid-testing pathogen marketplace – ideal for when the superior V-Detect and B-Detect devices are ready for their commercialization.

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Edoceo - B-Detect™
A Portable Virulent Bacterial Testing Device

We want to make the fastest (<5 minutes), easy-to-use, cost effective, portable device that detects the presence of approximately 160 kinds of bacteria when in a virulent (harmful) state. This could help identify superbugs that experts think could cost the global economy $100 trillion in healthcare, lost productivity, and lost lives over the next 30 years.[1]

This device has the future potential to gain a foothold in multiple industries, with its first point of entry being shrimp farms, where bacterial invasions routinely cause massive crop and financial losses.[2]

Pre-production images - actual p​roduct may differ.

Edoceo - V-Detect™
A Portable Virus Biosensing Device

Edoceo's rapid-testing platform - V-Detect™ - which could be configured to leverage advanced biosensing technology for practically any present or future viral threats.

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